Our Services

Here are just a few examples of the services we provide. If you need something that isn't mentioned, don't hesitate to ask. Just contact us and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Tune up
Is your PC running slower than it used to? Our tune up service will analyse, clean and tweak your system, giving it the boost it needs to maximise its performance. We'll also recommend, without obligation, any further actions that we feel will give you an even bigger performance kick.

If your computer won't start, makes a funny noise or something's just wrong with it, we'll find the problem and fix it for you. Certain problems can be time consuming in nature to diagnose; therefore we may recommend that your PC is taken away for further analysis.

Do you need more disk space, memory, a better graphics card, then call us to discuss your upgrade whatever it is. Maybe you've already bought a new printer, scanner or webcam and the instructions are leaving you puzzled? No problem. We'll install it for you using the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website.

New PC
If you've already bought a new machine, are you confused by all the 'free' software that was preinstalled? There's often custom launch bars, anti-virus, office products, internet service provider deals, games, etc. Do you need all this? Probably not. Do you just want it to work like other machines you've used? Most likely. Could all this stuff be hampering your experience and slowing you down. Yes it could. We'll help you wade through all this by removing the things you don't want and making sure you keep only the things you need.

Data transfer
So you've got your new PC and it's working just fine. But how do you transfer all your data from your old machine to the new one? We'll transfer not only the documents and files, but also your internet favourites, desktop shortcuts and email for every user account on your PC. We'll also reinstall all your software on your new machine, providing you can supply the media, the genuine license keys and the software is legally allowed to be transferred between machines. Please be aware that in rare cases, some older software may not be compatible with your new PC's operating system. If this is the case we'll advise you if an upgrade is available.

Router setup
Just getting yourself on the internet for the first time? Confused by routers, filters and security? Don't worry; we'll do it for you. If there's a problem, we'll even talk to your ISP on your behalf as we speak the same language they do, so you don't have to worry about any technical jargon.
Changing to another ISP and don't want to buy a new router? In most cases, we can reconfigure your existing router to your new ISP's settings. Even for those ISP's that 'lock' the router to their service.
Worried about wireless settings? Most routers come with wireless built-in so even if you only used it wired, your wireless settings may not be as secure as you think they are. Is someone else using your internet connection or accessing your PC without your knowledge? We'll review your configuration and change your routers settings and those of any wireless devices, to give you piece of mind.

Malware removal
Have you been hit by a virus, worm or trojan? Does your PC seem suddenly sluggish, you get popups where you never used to, your internet browser's homepage has changed, you can't access certain programs or settings anymore, then you've probably been infected with some form of malware. Using multiple techniques, we will attempt removal and repair, then advise you of the probable causes and safer habits to adopt, both off and online. Please note, that we say 'attempt' as some malware is of a destructive nature thus requiring a complete rebuild of the PC. If this is the case, we will attempt to preserve as much of your data as possible.
Due to the time consuming nature of running multiple diagnostic scans, we may recommend that your PC is taken away for further analysis.

Backup solutions
Everyone keeps a backup of all their data don't they? Well, no actually. Data backup is often compared to house alarms - you only install them after the worst has happened. You know you should, but you haven't gotten around to it yet. Besides, you've got a new computer and it's not going to go wrong, is it? Well, yes it could. It's not just equipment failure. You might get hit by a virus, theft or fire.
We'll talk to you about backup solutions and best practices such that if the worst were to happen, you won't lose those precious photos, your music collection or those important documents.

Software installation
Bought a new software package, but not sure how to install it? We can do it for you. If there are any problems we'll sort them out or advise you of what actions need to be taken.

Game consoles
Many of today's game consoles can be connected to the internet. This not only allows for online play with others across the internet, but also for online messages and maybe even watching TV and movies through services like the BBC iPlayer or similar. Do you have a console and an internet connection, but haven't linked them together? We can do this for you and give your console a whole new lease of life.